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GYS Plasma Cutter 25 K

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GYS Plasma Cutter 25K

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GYS Plasma Cutter 25K

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  • Plasma Cutter 25K with internal air compressor is ideal for maintenance work and car body repair work
    Internal air compressor:
  • With its internal compressor, the plasma cutter 25K does not require an external supply of compressed air
    Quality cutting without distortion:
  • Allows high quality cutting even on painting surfaces
  • Cuts up to a maximum 6mm steel, stainless steel and cast iron (clean cut 4mm)
  • Cuts up to a maximum 4mm aluminium and copper (clean cut 3mm)
  • Very accurate, the plasma cutter 25K enables you to cut 0.6mm metal sheets at low intensity
    No HF Start:
  • With the Pilot Arc system, the arc starts without having any contact with the welding sheet. Starting without HF avoids any electromagnetic interference (radio, computers, phones, medical equipment, etc...)
    Easy Fast & Safe to Use:
  • Torch: 4m with safety trigger to avoid accidental start
  • Internal compressor (noise): 60/70 Db
  • Reinforced protection for the use with generators and against permanent overvoltage up to 400V (factory tested)
  • IP23 (protection against rain / dust), ideal for outside work
  • Manufacture: GYS
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