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We make portable appliance testing easy

Saracen Distribution Ltd are specialists in the field of Portable Appliance Testing and provide a fast, reliable and professional service at great prices to companies, educational institutions, landlords, hotels and many other types of organisations.

What is the testing procedure?

When carrying out Portable Appliance Testing, we will perform a number of tests on each appliance such as:
  • Full visual inspection
  • Insulation test
  • Earth continuity test
  • Earth leakage test
A certificate is then produced indicating the results of the individual tests. Each item of electrical equipment is given an individual number and identified with a sticker. This will ensure that the item can be tracked and provides a clear indication of its pass/fail status.

What is a portable appliance?

A portable appliance is any piece of electrical equipment that can be moved from area to area and reconnected to the supply via a plug and socket system.

Why do we need PAT testing?

The most important reasons for carrying out Portable Appliance Testing are:
  • To comply with the electricity at work regulations
  • Risk of fire and injury due to faulty electrical equipment is minimised
  • Insurance companies cannot dispute claims for damage through fire because of insufficient electrical maintenance
  • The ISO 9000 Quality Assurance Standard requires all companies to comply with the Health and Safety requirements

Why choose Saracen for PAT testing?

Saracen provides a competent, secure and reliable service across a range of markets. By concentrating on outperforming client expectation, we have developed an enviable client base throughout the UK.

Many renowned companies in areas such as soft drinks, plastics, pharmaceuticals, healthcare, utilities, telecommunications, motor sports, etc have recognised that safety cannot be compromised, but with Saracen it can cost less.

At Saracen., we pride ourselves on having a well trained and organised staff, ensuring that any potential downtime for our clients is kept to an absolute minimum.