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What are Power Tools?

We can obtain all types and brands of power tools. Take a look at the selection of Power Tools available.

Power tools can be the professional’s and the DIYer’s dream as they make just about any task quicker to complete and create very good results. But what exactly are power tools and what do you need to know about them?

About Power Tools

A power tool is different from a hand tool in that it operates using some form of motor. The motor itself can be powered in different ways, including batteries, electricity, compressed air, or the burning of fuels or propellants. Power tools are also classified as being either stationary or portable. A stationary power tool is one that sits in place and cannot be taken to an area as needed, such as a table saw, a lathe, or a bench saw.

A portable power tool is one that can be carried around as needed and they are generally powered using a battery or an electrical cord. Battery powered tools are called cordless power tools. Examples of portable power tools include drills, angle grinders, electric sanders, nail guns, and paint sprayers.

Power Tools

  • Drills
  • Drill presses
  • Circular saws
  • Bandsaws
  • Chainsaws
  • Concrete saws
  • Tile saws
  • Belt sanders
  • Disc sanders
  • Floor sanders
  • Electric screwdrivers
  • Nail guns
  • Paint sprayers
  • String trimmers
  • Blowtorches
  • Angle grinders
  • Impact wrenches
  • Jigsaws
  • Routers
  • Lathes
  • Power wrenches
  • Random orbital sanders
  • Table saws
  • Planers