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Tecalemit Combined Blue Tooth Gas & Smoke Meter (TG/MDS/250)

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Tecalemit Combined Blue Tooth Gas & Smoke Meter (TG/MDS/250)

Tecalemit Combined Blue Tooth Gas & Smoke Meter (TG/MDS/250)GEA Accredited

Tecalemit Combined Blue Tooth Gas & Smoke Meter (TG/MDS/250)

Ref: TG/MDS/250

  • The Tecalemit MDS is a modular combined emission tester which as standard, incorporates a blue tooth smoke head and a PC using a windows operating system, all housed in a stylish cabinet
  • The gasbench has no warm up time, meaning you can literally start work immediately
  • The TGD/MDS is a truly modular system and can be expanded to include vehicle diagnostic units Discope 802 and DiOBD
  • The smoke meter is Bluetooth Class 1 approved with a range of up to 100 metres. It is mains powered, 240v AC, with a 24v DC transformer protected to IP65. Being mains powered, the smoke meter is continuously maintained at operating temperature and does not require re-charge or replacement of expensive batteries which over the long-term can prove an expensive maintenance cost
  • Current UK specification requires the emission tester to have OIML Class I approval, however, the TGD/MDS emission tester is approved to Class 00 - two classes higher than required under current VOSA legislation. With vehicle emissions reducing following the introduction of new technologies, should VOSA decide to make changes to the OIML class specification for gas analysers, the TGD/MDS is ready for them
  • The new design of condensate trap detects moisture using an electrical sensor, this leads to improved accuracy, a reduction in condensate problems and a reduction in pump running times
  • The TGD/MDS is upgradable to measure NOx at additional cost. The TGD/MDS is also a natural addition to the Tecalemit ATL (Automated Test Lane ) as the computer can also serve the brake tester in the ATL lane, streamlining the equipment in your workshop
  • Delivered and installed to a prepared site (no groundwork undertaken) by GEA accredited engineers
  • Manufacture: Tecalemit
  • AFTER SALES SUPPORT - We pride ourselves on our after sales service

  • MOT emmision testers require a calibration every 12 months
  • We have a team of service engineers
  • On-site maintenance, testing, re-calibration and trouble-shooting can all be carried
    out with the minimum of fuss and downtime
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