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Tecalemit Elan Automatic Wheel Balancer (TBM400)

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Tecalemit Elan Automatic Wheel Balancer (TBM400)

Tecalemit Elan Automatic Wheel Balancer (TBM400)GEA Accredited

Tecalemit Elan Automatic Wheel Balancer (TBM400)

Ref: TBM400

  • The Tecalemit TBM 400 wheel balancer is a computerised digital machine with video display suitable for specialists balancing all types of car wheels and van wheels
  • It has an LCD monitor with three dimensional graphics to show the imbalance reading and allows the weight and position of the internal and external weights to be displayed simultaneously
  • There is a multi-operator program enabling up to 3 different operators to retain data and an automatic wheel width measurement gauge is also included
  • A simple to use compact control panel to guide the operator around the monitor display assists speed of use
  • The TBM 400 also features a sensor device which automatically registers the number of spokes on aluminium wheels, optimising operating times and eliminating operator error
  • The eccentricity programme measures the wheel surface for distortion & irregularities
  • Measurement is made using a laser scanner which scans the wheel surface and results are displayed on the display screen
  • The device can be an invaluable aid when dealing with hard to balance wheels and also for revealing potentially dangerous defects in the tyre or wheel rim
  • Weight 124Kg
  • Single Phase 230V 1Ph 50Hz
  • Wheel Weight (max) 70Kg
  • Balancing Speed (rpm) 167 RPM
  • Wheel Diameter (max) 44"
  • Rim Width 2" - 20"
  • Rim Diameter 8" - 30"
  • Delivered and installed to a prepared site (no groundwork undertaken) by GEA accredited engineers
  • Manufacture: Tecalemit
  • AFTER SALES SUPPORT - We pride ourselves on our after sales service

  • To ensure trouble-free operation of your wheel balancer it is recommended to clean the mobile parts from heavy dirt and keep them smooth
  • Regular maintenance is essential to maintain compliance whatever your industry
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  • GEA accredited
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