Baileigh TN 250 Tube Notcher

Baileigh TN 250 Tube Notcher

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The Baileigh TN 250 Tube Notcher – Ever have to notch tube in an awkward place, such as on a bend? Well good luck getting a tight clamp with a conventional tube notcher on the market.

  • Drill operation
  • 15.6mm Ø to 63.5mm Ø tube capacity
  • 0° to 220° adjustment
  • Includes Free Delivery to UK Mainland

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Baileigh TN 250 Tube Notcher

The Baileigh TN 250 Tube Notcher – Ever have to notch tube in an awkward place, such as on a bend? Well good luck getting a tight clamp with a conventional tube notcher on the market.

Baileigh Industrial took this challenge head on and came up with what many claim to be the best holesaw tube notcher on the planet, the TN-250.

The TN-250 tube notcher is like nothing that you have seen. The life blood of the notcher is the unique self-centering radial vice that allows the operator to clamp down on tubes and more in any direction, including in the middle of a bend.

Also by using a truly self-centering vice, the TN-250 is the only holesaw tube notcher that is always centered left to right and up and down, no matter what size tube or pipe you have.

But, the vice is not the only thing that sets the TN-250 apart from the competition; the back bone is made from heavy-duty 19mm steel plate and all components interlock to create a very rigid platform to reduce vibration and prolong the life of the holesaws. The shaft of the TN-250 is a 32mm Thompson® shaft that rides in sealed and oiled needle bearings. Unlike other tube notchers in this category, the two ends of the shaft are completely replaceable. This helps save time and money.

The TN-250 holesaw tube notcher can notch up to 64mm OD and allows large degree angles. The notching carriage can pivot up to 220° allowing the operator to come from the “back side” of the notch.

A large degree plate helps get these back side notches lined up. The TN-250 also has a fully adjustable axis to accommodate almost any notch combination considering the pivot moves left to right up to 220°, there are two slotted mounting rails for almost any position of the bearing block, and finally we have the easily adjusted position for up and down.

Item Number: TN-250
Country of Manufacture: United States
Notching Capacity (OD): 16 mm – 64 mm
Angle Adjustment: 0 – 220°
Power: 1/2″ (12.7 mm) Hand Drill
Shipping Weight: 23 kgs.
Shipping Dimensions: 470 mm x 380 mm x 240 mm

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