Manual Bandsaws


Manual Bandsaws

Manual Bandsaws

Manual Bandsaws – Baileigh has a manual bandsaw for almost any budget or capacity. From a portable metal-cutting band saw to a massive industrial model, our saws will give you many years of productivity.

Why choose a manual band saw from Baileigh?

  • Cast iron bow and head – We designed our bandsaws to resist vibrations, ensuring accurate, professional cuts.
  • Electro-welded steel framework – The heavy construction of each horizontal band saw helps ensure that the blade cuts straight and true.
  • High-quality components – We work closely with our factories to make sure that our band saws are built for reliability from the bottom up.
  • Adjustable blade guides – Our blade guides can move as close to the material you’re cutting as possible.
  • Included standard size blade – Baileigh band saws accept blade sizes you can buy just about anywhere. Each machine comes with a blade to start.
  • Parts typically in stock – If you need a replacement, we’ll ship it to you as soon as possible from our Wisconsin headquarters.
  • 1-year warranty – We’ve got you covered.
  • Lifetime technical support by phone – Our team of knowledgeable reps is here to answer your questions and address problems.

Is a manual band saw right for you?

  • A manual saw lets you control the cutting cycle at your own pace. They’re perfect for small production runs and one-offs.
  • Manual saws are often less expensive than semi-automatic or automatic saws.
  • Need a saw that manages the cutting cycle without operator control? Check out our semi-automatic band saws.
  • If you need a saw that handles bundling and transitions between cuts, go with an automatic band saw.

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Service Contracts

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