Baileigh BB 4812 Box and Pan Folder

Baileigh BB 4812 Box and Pan Folder

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The Baileigh BB 4812 Box and Pan Folder is a must in every type of metal fabrication shop.

  • 2.8mm mild capacity
  • 1.6mm stainless capacity
  • 1270mm folder length
  • 0° – 135° bend angle
  • 11 fingers – 3 x 3″, 2 x 4″, 5 x 5″, & 1 x 6″

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Baileigh BB 4812 Box and Pan Folder

The Baileigh BB 4812 Box and Pan Folder is a must in every type of metal fabrication shop.

Its compact size makes it a great fit for tight floor plans, but the heavy-duty construction makes it one of the most powerful manual finger breaks available for its size.

The fully welded framework, supported by solid steel adjustable trusses, allow the BB-4812 sheet metal brake to bend 2.8mm mild steel over the entire 48” length.

The BB-4812 weighs in at just less than 2000lbs, truly making it one heavy-duty sheet metal brake.

The BB-4812 finger brake comes with 11 hardened and polished 3-piece fingers of varying lengths that allow the operator to configure the sheet metal brake in any way possible. Because of the three piece design, the box depth of the BB-4812 is 6″, making it one of the largest on the market. The heavy-duty apron on the BB-4812 has an integrated stop-rod for repeatability. Also included is a pair of heavy counterweights to assist the operator in the bending of 12 gauge sheet metal.

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