SIP HG400 Inverter Plasma Cutter Package

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SIP HG400 Inverter Plasma Cutter Package includes the 06238 Airmate TN2.5/25 compressor.


SIP HG400 Inverter Plasma Cutter Package

SIP HG400 Inverter Plasma Cutter Package includes the 06238 Airmate TN2.5/25 compressor.

SIP HG400 Inverter Plasma Cutter

SIP HG400 Inverter/Plasma Cutter is the ideal technology for consistently clean and highly accurate cutting of conductive materials including steel, stainless steel, copper, bronze and aluminium.

  • 230v (16amp), 1 phase supply
  • 20amps – 40amps output current
  • 4.4 bar compressed air pressure
  • 5.3CFM average air consumption
  • Infinitely variable output power settings
  • 10.0mm cutting capacity (severs 12.0mm)
  • Digital display showing current settings
  • Lightweight – weighs only 9.8kg!
  • Adjustable cooldown time
  • Accessories: P80 torch (6.0m), Earth lead (connected), Air filter regulator, torch kit

Technical Description
Input Supply 230v (16amp)
Torch P80 Wired (6.0m)
Output Current 20amps – 40amps
Duty Cycle 40amps @ 60%
Output Settings Infinitely variable
Air Pressure 4.4 bar
Air Capacity 100 litres/min
Capacity (Cut) 10.0mm
Capacity (Sever) 12.0mm
Insulation Class F
Protection IP21S
Gross Weight 9.8kg
Packaged Dimensions 480 x 250 x 480mm
Additional 2 year warranty

SIP TN2.5/25-D Compressor

The SIP TN2.5/25-D Compressor is an oil-lubricated direct drive compressor designed for small trade applications. A lightweight construction and powerful 2.5hp motor ensure optimum performance.

  • 230v (13amp) input supply
  • Oil-lubricated, direct-drive unit
  • Powerful 2.5hp (1.8kW) motor
  • Handy 25.0 litre air receiver size
  • 6.5CFM maximum free air delivery
  • 9.5CFM max. piston displacement
  • 116.0psi (8.0 bar) maximum pressure
  • X-large wheels for easy movement
  • Fitted with easy-to-read gauges
  • Compact and lightweight sizes
  • Premium Italian design

Technical Description
Supply 230v (13amp)
Air Receiver Size 25 litres
Motor 2.5hp (1.8kW)
Piston Displacement 9.5CFM (270 litres/min)
Free Air Delivery 6.5CFM (184 litres/min)
Max. Pressure 116psi (8.0 bar)
Wheel Mounted Yes
Noise Level 94dB(A)
Gross Weight 25.0kg
Packaged Dimensions 590 x 600 x 255mm
Additional Direct-drive, Italian design

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