Tecalemit SF9128 Commercial Lift

Tecalemit SF9128 Commercial Lift

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The Tecalemit SF9128 Commercial Lift, 12T 4 Post Vehicle Lift is a compact commercial vehicle lift suitable for lifting a broad range of smaller commercial vehicles and tractor units.

Optional Extra: SS8834 4T Manual Jacking Beam
Delivered and Installed: UK Mainland


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Tecalemit SF9128 Commercial Lift, 12T 4 Post Vehicle Lift

The Tecalemit SF9128 Commercial Lift, 12T 4 Post Vehicle Lift is a compact commercial vehicle lift suitable for lifting a broad range of smaller commercial vehicles and tractor units.

The wide access onto the lift platform of 2920mm and drive through width between the columns of 3300mm ensures easy access for most vehicles.

The overall platform length of 8430mm allows vehicles with long wheelbases to sit comfortably on the lift platform.

Minimum platform: height 190mm
Raised height: 1850mm
Motor supply: 3kW
Maximum load: 12000kg
Lifting time: 55 secs
Lowering time: 55 secs
Power supply: 3ph 400V/50Hz
Effectice dist between posts: 3350mm
Platform length: 8430mm

We are members of The Garage Equipment Association (GEA), working together to deliver excellence.

Service Contracts
Regardless of the size of your business, we can give you the best service contracts for your workshop and garage equipment whether it be for installation, inspection, maintenance, breakdown repairs or calibrations.


Tecalemit offers a wide range of high quality garage equipment available in the UK market, and the strongest commitment to fast, efficient service. If you don’t find what you need here, call us! We have made a huge investment in stock so that much of what you order from us can be on its way to you as soon as the order is received.

Tecalemit is also a preferred supplier on a compliant route to market for public sector procurement.

Servicing & LOLER Certification

We have been providing service contracts & LOLER certification for over 25 years.

  • Tailor made to your requirements
  • Ensure equipment adheres to strict safety standards
  • Keep within the law and regulations
  • Knowledgeable service manager
  • Competent engineers equipped to maintain and calibrate a wide range of vehicle lifts
  • Bronze, Silver and Gold service contracts to suit all sizes of organisations and equipment inventory, from sole traders to manufacturer groups
  • Vast supplier network, capable of sourcing 99% of spare parts
  • We work to the highest of health and safety standards
  • GEA accredited
  • Full professional combined insurance and public liability
  • Free of charge, no obligation quotation
  • Quick customer response times and minimum equipment downtime
  • Reminder service
  • Completion on time
  • Service certification
  • LOLER certification (H & S requirement)

Do the LOLER regulations apply to you?
LOLER applies to all places of work, and details the requirements for the examination of lifting equipment. Lifting equipment is defined as work equipment used for lifting and lowering loads. Accessories for lifting include any chain, rope, sling, or component kept for attaching loads to machinery for lifting. Work equipment means any machine, appliance, apparatus, tool or installation for use at work.

When should a LOLER be carried out?

  • Initially, before equipment is put into service (with some exceptions for CE marked new equipment)
  • After installation, where safety is dependent on correct installation
  • Periodic examinations are required where lifting equipment is exposed to conditions which cause deterioration that could lead to a dangerous situation
  • After any exceptional events such as an accident or long period without use

How often should a LOLER be carried out?

  • Every six months for lifting equipment used for lifting/lowering persons, eg: passenger lifts, access platforms, window cleaning equipment
  • Every six months for lifting accessories
  • Every 12 months for all other lifting equipment not falling into either of the above categories, e.g. cranes, lifting block and runway beams
  • Or at shorter/longer intervals if determined by the risk assessment

Vehicle Lifts

For many years Saracen has been recognised as a leader in supplying vehicle lifts. This reputation has set the standard for quality, durability, reliability and attention to safety throughout the automotive service market. A vehicle lift is the centerpiece of most service and repair bays. As an integral part of vehicle maintenance and repair tasks, it is used more times every day than just about any other piece of garage equipment. The market’s need for a lift equipment that they can trust has led us to source quality lifting products used in vehicle repair garages and workshops throughout the UK.

2 Post Lifts
Saracen offer a huge range of 2 post lifts at various lifting capacities. Options with or without base frame are available. Some lifts come with 3 phase as standard but single phase options may also be available.

4 Post Lifts
We offer a huge range of 4 post lifts for MOT or ATL (Class IV and VII), for geometry work and for general servicing. With such a big choice we will be able to supply the 4 post lift best suited to your needs.

Scissor Lifts
Scissor lifts provide a versatile space saving solution over traditional 2 post and 4 post lifts. When installed in a floor recess vehicle access and the working environment can be significantly improved. We offer a complete range of short platform wheel free lifts, long platform lifts for general servicing and repairs, test lane lifts and vehicle geometry lifts suitable for use in conjunction with the very latest 3D imaging and camera based systems.

Wheel Alignment Lifts
We offer a range of wheel alignment lifts that span standard 2 wheel alignment and 4 wheel laser alignment. The 4 wheel alignment kit has various options, including a variant with an integral camber caster gauge and blue tooth wireless communication of results to a supplied PC and printer in a stylish cabinet.