Installing Safety Lining Around a MOT Bay

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Installing Safety Lining Around a MOT Bay

Installing safety lining around a MOT bay at a garage in Hereford.

When your MOT bay is installed it requires safety lining to meet VOSA standards. We apply precise, specially formulated, tough lining system around MOT bays and rolling roads. These can be Black and Yellow chevron or safety yellow lines and cross-hatching.

For commercial HGV customers, we install inspection pit safety markings and beam setter markings. This results in a professional and safety compliant finish.

Floor Marking
Maintaining a safe environment for people, whether it’s closed or open to the public is extremely important. Floor marking is used for a variety of reasons but the main purpose is to make people aware of boundaries in their working environment. A system should clearly identify walkways, product storage areas, parking bays, traffic routes and ‘keep clear’ zones. Saracen provides a large range of floor marking solutions that can be applied to most surfaces under almost any condition.

Safety Tape
Uses: Instant slip resistance for steps, ramps, paths, floors, vehicles etc. A range of slip resistant, self-adhesive tapes for use on concrete, wood, metal and painted surfaces.

Grip Strip
Uses: Ideal for internal and external steps, ramps, entrance ways, around machinery, decking etc. Strips of Grip Strip can give a more attractive finish than a conventional coating. On outdoor steps it also allows rainwater to drain away more easily. For use on concrete, wood, tiles, marble and other hard or painted surfaces.

Uses: Marking out areas for plant installation, identifying key boundaries on a temporary basis etc. Tapeline is a high quality vinyl tape for general light industrial use and temporary line markings. Tapeline can be applied by hand.

Permanent Line Marking Strips
Uses: Marking out loading bays, keep clear areas and hazard areas. Permanent Line Marking Strips are made from a semi rigid, very durable material for a longer lasting line than traditional PVC tapes. They can be used outdoors on non-porous surfaces or sealed concrete, providing the surface is clean and dry.

Easy Marking Tape
Uses: Marking out car parking bays and pedestrian routes (e.g. zebra crossings). It can also be used to mark out hazardous and safe areas. High specification adhesive lets you reposition the tape without leaving a mark. Once cured (about 24 hours) the adhesive is virtually permanent.

Heavy Duty Line Marking Tape
Uses: Marking out safety routes, escape routes and hazardous areas. Use it inside and out to mark down hatching for loading bays and ‘keep clear’ areas. The new photo luminescent grade is off-white and translucent in the light. Once the lights go off it glows for up to 30 minutes with a yellow/green colour, showing safe exit routes or hazardous areas even in the dark.

Uses: Clearly highlights step edges and trip hazards. Most paints are worn out very quickly by the regular foot traffic on step edges. This coating can be applied as a single, quick drying layer.

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